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Thursday, 11.15.2018

In today's dynamic world Pfizer is trying to respond the changing needs of society as quickly as possible. Making an invaluable contribution to maintaining the health of people around the world, this company at the same time remains true to the highest ethical business standards in all phases of its activities - from research to marketing and sales.

For more than 150 years, the main objective of Pfizer company is to solve the pressing problems of medicine and public health through safe, effective and innovative medicines.

The company's management is aware that the solution of global problems requires global efforts. Creating partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Pfizer is committed to providing an uninterrupted supply of medicines to patients around the world and help those who need them, regardless of income level. There are also lots of generic drugs on the world market, as well you can buy Tadalafil 20mg.

Organization of free distribution of pharmaceuticals, finance educational and research programs, building medical infrastructure - these are the real action, with which the company expands patient access to high-quality medicine and decides to global health challenges faced by modern society.

Up to date, the major activities are Pfizer Enabling Global Access (Improving access to medicines at the international level) and Enabling Global Health (Increased international health).


Pfizer faced with the problem of business development, due to the gradual loss of the patent protection of the main drugs. Pfizer in 2014 intended to purchase for $ 117 billions british pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. However, the deal did not take place due to the failure of AstraZeneca, which the Company reasonably low price offered.

Although Pfizer's problems, it predicts an increase of sterile injectable generics to 70 bln. dollars in the world market up to 2020.